Are You Struggling to Get Your Kids on Board With Healthy Eating? This Article Can Help!

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While all parents have different methods and individual children, we all know one thing – children don’t like eating healthy foods.

And can you blame them? With the range of delicious fast food items and sauces available, it can be hard to say no, yourself!

However, while you may have a challenge ahead of you, it isn’t an impossible one. Below are some tips to help you introduce your children to healthy eating successfully.

Take It Slow

If you have ever served your child a plate of entirely healthy food the night after a plate of fried food then you know that it doesn’t end well. In fact, it often ends in tantrums and thrown food.

The best way to avoid this is to take it slow. For example:

  • During the first week, simply add a healthy item to their plate without saying anything about it, whether they eat it or not.
  • As the second-week rolls around, replace one or two fried items with a grilled alternative. However, when you serve it, be sure that there are plenty of sauces and gravy on the table.
  • When it’s time of the third week, serve fresh fruit alongside your regular desserts such as ice cream as pie. Be sure that your children see you eating and enjoying the fruit alongside your own dessert.
  • For the final week, cook three meals made entirely from healthy food.

While it may seem like it will take a while, transitioning your children to healthy food isn’t something you can or should attempt to do overnight, for the simple reason that if you are too heavy in your approach then you will only come up against resistance.

Consider Using Invectives

While it’s important that you don’t overdo it and bribe your child to eat their greens, small incentives can be a great tool to use if you are struggling.

For example, if your youngster has seen new items of clothing they want from the Groupon Coupons page for American Apparel, consider it a reward for a week of eating all of the grilled items on their plate. Similarly, if they don’t enjoy doing the dishes at the end of the night, offer them to do the chore in their place if they can eat a piece of fruit with their dessert.

Small incentives like this with immediate reward can be great ways to keep your child on track and interested in changing their eating habits.

Show Them How It’s Done

It’s no surprise that children learn by example, and this is true when it comes to healthy eating. Be sure that you serve everybody at the table with the same healthy items, and be sure that your children see you eating and enjoying them.

If they can see you eating the food without any second thoughts, it will encourage them to do the same.

Getting your children on board with healthy eating isn’t an easy task, but with these tips and a little patience, you can bet that it is an achievable one.